Meet Celeste Durve “The Chick in Charge”


Dami Kim, social media director
The new spring 2013 school president, Celeste Durve, explained the role of ASB and what it meant to her in this interview.
Q: What is your favorite thing about ASB?
A: My favorite thing about asb is the class. We are such a family and we make a routine to do new bonding games to bring us closer. Every single person in that class works so hard, and even alumni are always coming back to visit. This year especially, we have great freshmen and great new-comers. We really value getting new people in the class to get a new perspective.
Q:What do you want the student body to know about ASB? How do some of the “behind-the scenes” for events look like?
A: I want the student body to know how hard we work! The class has group texts and we all text and email each other until late at night to make sure something is done. We stay late after class and for events like the blood drive, we come early to school. We even clean up events that we put on for the school. Every person in that class really works so hard because they all really want to make the school a better place. I wish some people could sit in the classroom and see the passionate debates we have. Everyone is so dedicated to doing things for the student body. We put on the events but they’re really for everyone else.
Q: Who is one person you can contribute your success in ASB to?
A: Ms. Newman, our adviser. She is amazing and not only my favorite teacher, but easily one of my favorite people. She works SO hard and she does so much for us. Shes taught me how to be in charge in a fun way, and thats so important. She makes it so that everyone loves asb (and her) but also always gets their work done. Being her student for 4 years showed me what a good leader looks like. We’re comfortable but respectful, and she makes us WANT to work hard.
Q: What has ASB taught you in the past four years of your high school career? How can ASB work to become a greater impact on Beverly?
A: ASB has brought me really close with the administration so I’ve learned how to take responsibility and delegate. I also don’t make excuses! I’m in charge of my own life and anything that happens in it!  I think ASB should launch a promotion about how everyone is a team and no matter what group you’re part of on campus, we should still all come together. We love hearing different opinions so please share them with us!