Aspiring artist experiments with craft


Drew Hirshinger’s most recent creation consists of a glazed moon plate.


Candice Hannani, feature editor 
Art is like the written word. It seeks to speak to its viewers, to solidify unstable periods, to surround its creators with blossoming creativity. To senior Drew Hirshinger, art is a permanent fixture of everyday life.
“I love working with paper, clay and fabric, but I’m always wanting to try new things. Whenever I find out about a new kind of art, it’s all I can think about until I actually get to try it,” Hirshinger said.
Hirshinger began her interest in art at an early age. She attributes her love for the field to her mother Debbie Hirshinger, who she claims is “really the reason I ever got interested in it.”
In fact, Drew followed in her mother’s footsteps, as Debbie has been an artist since she was a teenager. As both a mother and a fellow artist, Debbie is very pleased with her daughter’s artworks.
“[Drew] figures out her own projects and makes things I don’t think I could create. I am always impressed by what she creates and am always in awe of her unique talent,” Debbie said.
Drew claims that her love for art stems from the fact that, unlike other subjects, art does not have a definite amount of learning material.
“With art, there are always new things to learn, and everything is always changing. I know that sometimes I pretend I know everything about how to make something, and then it comes out very different from how I expected, and the experience gives me the chance to learn about something new,” Drew admitted.
Drew has received several awards for her creations. Before high school, she was a four-time first place winner in the annual PTA Reflections contest, and last year she received an award for a ceramics piece that was displayed in Beverly’s annual art show.
Although Drew plans to obtain a career working with children, she is determined to involve art in her future job.
“I would love to be able to incorporate art in a way that will help children express themselves,” Drew said.
Like any other experienced artist, Drew has a few words to give to those who are interested or are starting out in the field.
“Don’t get discouraged by other people’s art or talent. The important thing is to realize that everyone is talented in their own way, and the person you may be comparing yourself to might be really great at doing one thing, but terrible at the thing you do best.”