Academic Decathlon wins first in Super Quiz competition


Pasha Farmanara, web co-editor-in-chief
Academic Decathlon took first in the Super Quiz section of the Los Angeles County Competition on Saturday, Feb. 2.
Academic Decathlon competitions consists of 10 subjects, speech, interview, essay, literature, math, science, history, art, music and economics. The Super Quiz is a combination of six of the 10 topics in the form of a 40 question multiple-choice test and a relay round.
“For the sake of giving the media something to talk about they created the Super Quiz. Essentially it’s a game show sort of thing,” team member Hal Smith said.
The team scored a 65 out of 72, 15 points higher than second place, the highest margin of victory in the history of the competition. Also, the Super Quiz score placed Beverly tied for second in the state.

The team consisted of Adina Babaian, Annette Chang, Jenny Chieu, Heidi Hart, David Mnitsa, Hal Smith, Laurie Wang, Joye Yang and Victor Lee who scored a perfect score.

“This victory is a big reflection of the work being put in to Acadeca at Beverly. It’s a well deserved win for the team,” said Eunice Choi, who is a part of the class, but not an active member of the team.

The results for the other 10 subjects will be released on Feb. 13. The team is now preparing for the state competition which will be held this March.