Braddell onto his 25th year of weightlifting


Physical education teacher, Mr. Braddell instructs students to prepare for the upcoming fitness test.


Vivian Kim, cub writer 

Starting his sport at an early age, physical education teacher John Braddell wish to continue weightlifting for the rest of his life. Though it is difficult to manage his time with coaching and spending time with his wife and children, Braddell is able to make time for his longtime high school hobby.

Braddell has been able to continue weightlifting for 25 years due to his devotion for being in shape and staying healthy, rather than competing against others in strength.

“My motivation is competition against myself. I just enjoy athletics and being fit,” Braddell stated.

Though some people may feel exhausted or worn-out when exercising or even lifting weights, Braddell feels a moment of simple pleasure and enjoyment.

“I feel good and great when I do weightlifting. It’s great to be moving around and being athletic by finding a sport you enjoy, and I happen to like weightlifting,” he said.

Working as both a physical education teacher and girls varsity basketball coach, Braddell is able to balance his time working and bonding with his family and weightlifting fairly well. He commits to lifting weights at least three times a week for a solid hour and sometimes even more.

Braddell said, “Well, that’s the key for anything with athletics or anything you want to do. You have to make sure you get your work done and do everything you’re supposed to do like homework, schoolwork or coaching. Everything’s a balance and you try to get everything finished before you get to the fun stuff.”

Even though Braddell might have endured struggles throughout his years weightlifting, he perseveres and never gives up

Braddell said, “I hope to do this as long as I’m alive. Even in my 80s if I’m fortunate enough to live that long.”

Not only does weightlifting benefit Braddell and his health, it also benefits his ability to help around the household.

“My family actually supports me with this because I’m able to carry the big stuff around the house,” he laughed.

Though most of his peers are aware of his love for weightlifting, his students were in full shock this hidden fact was later revealed.

Freshman Shira Okhavat stated, “I never knew that Coach Braddell was interested or even did weightlifting…No wonder he seems fit all the time.”

Weightlifting for Braddell is significant to his weekly routine because it is like a tradition for him. This tradition consists of exercising his body, which takes a considerable amount of self-motivation and determination. Additionally, he truly seeks to still stay in shape for the rest of his years to come.