From coach to DJ



Fidel Quiralte, cub writer
Some people think that coaches just head to the gym or field and then go home. Many coaches actually have many different hobbies outside of school.  Adam Verde is one of those coaches; during the day he is just the freshman basketball coach, but during the night he is a DJ.  

Some of his players were very surprised when they learned that their coach is DJ and that he has a separate job.

“I couldn’t believe that my coach was a DJ; he just doesn’t seem like the type of guy that would be a DJ,” Danny Bina said.  “When I see my coach I only see a coach I don’t see a DJ-type of person; I guess it’s hard to see someone other than my coach.”

Some people can’t balance two jobs and the workload that it comes with it, but that is no problem for Verde.

“Well it’s a little easy to balance out being a coach and DJ because I DJ late at night so there is plenty of time to coach during the day,” Verde said.

Verde has no problem balancing out two jobs and he does both with hard work.  “The job isn’t that stressful so it’s easy balancing them out. The only part of being a DJ is coming home very late  throws off your sleep schedule,” Verde said.  Even with adjustments to his sleep schedule, Verde does not find the workload to be overwhelming.

Verde has been a DJ for almost 10 years and he still enjoys his job. Verde doesn’t get bored of the job because there is fun every night and occasionally something happens at the club to a little more excitement.  “I don’t get bored of the job because it’s a party every night so it’s entertaining every single time,” Verde said.

Verde likes job because he doesn’t have to a lot of boring paperwork all he has to do is keep the party going.  Verde also enjoys partying because it relieves some stress from coaching.

“I mostly enjoy the party the job comes with. It’s not like a desk job where you have to sit behind a desk. I sit behind turntables and keep the party going for other people,” Verde said.

Verde says he has a great a job and we would like to keep being a DJ because it fits nicely into being a coach and it’s also a fun job.  It takes a little stress away but it also is very fun and exhilarating.

“Sometimes the party and the music help soothe me after a loss or a bad practice so it actually relieves stress it doesn’t give me stress,” Verde said.   Verde also doesn’t plan to stop soon.

“I like being a DJ so I don’t plan on stopping too soon. I also like being a coach so both of my jobs are good,” Verde said.

Verde has no intentions of stopping now he said he would keep going for a couple more years and see what the world has to offer but right now he is enjoying his jobs.

So, not all coaches are stereotypical jocks, especially not Adam Verde.  Verde is one of the many coaches that has an outside job that is fun and cool.