Inside Coach Ruben Ruiz


Coach Ruben Ruiz of the frosh/soph soccer holds practice after a long day.


Aaron Daneshrad, cub writer 
Known as “El Toro,” Ruben Ruiz attends school at El Camino College and coaches the boys frosh/soph soccer team. Ruiz faces the challenge of balancing his time between school and coaching.
At age 19, Ruiz  is full time student. Ruiz has 12 units in school and At the same time, Ruiz also coaches for the AYSO professional coaching program, spending about an hour and a half a day on the field.
Now, Ruiz spends about two hours a day after school time coaching. In order to stay in control of his school work while coaching he goes to school early in the morning every day.

“That way, I get done with everything and I get to do what I have to do later on which is coaching,” Ruiz said.

Balancing school and coaching is often very successful, but Ruiz calms his nerves through spiritual methods.

“Praying is how I like to get my stress out,” Ruiz said. “Don’t ever procrastinate, you won’t ever get your things done like that, once you know how to do that you can go on to the next step, handle what you can and don’t over-[exceed].”

For many working students, job get in the way of their studies, but Ruiz doesn’t have a problem with that.

“I don’t think my coaching affects my school, I just think because there is a huge gap, it does get tiring but at the end hard work pays off.”

His passion for the game of soccer all started in middle school when he saw a ball on a field. Ruiz’s first team was in high school as a goalkeeper freshman year for the junior varsity team. Ruiz is open about getting a late start in soccer.
“I Didn’t pay attention (to soccer) because of school activities,” Ruiz said.

Last year, Ruiz coached the boys JV soccer team, Junior Milton Joyner had just transferred from Santa Monica High School as a goalkeeper. Under coach Ruiz who had just graduated from high school, Joyner feels he greatly benefited from the quality coaching.

“[Ruiz] knew what he was doing goalkeeping-wise, I actually learned a lot from him,” Joyner said.

Ruiz, who played for Beverly, was the starting junior varsity goalkeeper during his freshman year. He uses this experience to teach other aspiring goalkeepers.

Ruiz’ favorite soccer player (currently) is Andres Guardado, but as a middle schooler Ruiz looked up to Conejo Perez (goalkeeper),

“He (Perez) gave inspiration and hope.”

Ruiz currently plans on coaching next year but he is focusing on the current season.