Goolsby explains her inspiration for teaching


Goolsby teaches her Algebra and Algebra II classes.


Juliette Deutsch, cub writer
Known for her understanding, kind and relatable teaching, math teacher Jennifer Goolsby manages her busy teaching schedule and her devotion to her kids. Goolsby currently teaches Algebra I and Algebra II classes . To add, although Goolsby is quite busy most of the days. She finds her job to be very rewarding and impacting on her character and her life.
“My job is extremely rewarding, which is the reason I keep teaching. It`s nice to know that I have helped someone else and impacted their life,” Goolsby explained.
In addition, she finds her job to be more than just teaching lessons and grading tests.
“I think its really more than just influencing young people; I try to teach life lessons and work ethic, perseverance and never giving up. To be honest, this is something I was meant to do. I believe that I am changing the world and making it a better place.” Goolsby says.
In addition, Goolsby first was inspired to teach young people by her father, who was a teacher.
“My dad was a teacher, and when I saw my dad and all the people he affected that was where it came from,” Goolsby says.
Goolsby is a family- oriented. She is completely devoted to her three kids and she explains that being a full time teacher and a mom requires her to compromise her time, but she loves to teach and finds her job to be very rewarding.
“It`s very difficult to compromise my time between my job and my family. I don`t have as much time for myself.” Goolsby says.
To add, Junior Amanda Deutsch explained that Goolsby is not only an exceptional teacher ,but she is relatable and understands her students and their individual strengths and weaknesses.
“I think what makes Mrs. Goolsby an amazing teacher is that she is relatable and understands everybody`s situation. She is flexible towards her students and gives them her full attention,” says Deutsch
Goolsby`s inspiration and love for teaching and inspiring students is what keeps her driven to teach and continue to impact others` lives.