Math Dept. changes divide classes, multiply progress


Due to the Math Dept.’s implementation of Loyola Marymount University’s (LMU) teacher-training program, certain teachers’ classes shifted at the beginning of the second semester. By participating in the LMU program, Beverly hopes to help students become immersed in their mathematical lessons and more successful in absorbing information through hands-on instruction. Although it was certainly adopted with good intentions, the new system is not flawless.
Both students and teachers have had difficulties adapting to the changes. Depending on their classes, students may have had to switch rooms and adjust to a new routine in the middle of the year. Additionally, teachers who were notified of the modifications shortly before second semester began may not have had enough time to prepare lessons and review material for their new and upcoming classes. As a result, teachers have divulged to their students that they are uncomfortable with teaching their newly assigned courses.
If carried over into the next school year, the current math system could undergo certain changes to make students and teachers more comfortable. Only one teacher per semester could take LMU classes in order to reduce cases of class shuffling. Upon completing his or her classes, that teacher could hold a meeting at the mid-semester mark with all other teachers in the department and instruct them on what he or she had learned. This way, other staff members can still benefit from that teacher’s newfound knowledge without using valuable instructional time to take the class.
While adjusting to new teachers and new schedules may be difficult, we admire and applaud the initiative that the Math Dept. has taken in creating more effective and enriching 21st century learning experiences for students at Beverly. We hope that by noticing the effort and growth that the Math Dept. has displayed, other departments will follow suit and make changes to improve our educational welfare.