Radio Airlift has successful takeoff


Pasha Farmanara, web co-editor-in-chief
Beverly’s new radio station, Radio Airlift, took off on Feb. 9 and is a great new addition to the school’s media programs. After hours of tuning in the list below was compiled to highlight the three main points of interest the station has to offer.
1. Accessibility:
Before the station took off I was skeptical about how many people would go out of their way to listen to the online radio. Many people do not have the patience to go to a web page, but Radio Airlift offers students many convenient outlets to listen from. The radio is accessible on almost any device with an internet connection. One is able to listen to the radio on their computer via their browser, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player or Winamp. The programming is even accessible on smartphones via web browser. The accessibility allows one to listen to the station while at home, in the car, or even during passing period.
2. Content:
Each show is run by different students, and each show reflects that student’s personality. Whether it is the type of music the student plays, the topic of discussion or the tone of voice, every show stands out from others. Some memorable moments are when Eli Eshiaghian interviewed seniors Matthew Dubin and Brittany Zoet, and when junior Danny Licht read a short story of his own titled “The Day We Met”. Having content that is more than just music makes Radio Airlift enjoyable on a personal level, separating it from music outlet like Pandora.
3. Organization:
So far, the station’s scheduling is unorganized and sporadic making it tough to know when to tune in. The Radio Airlift Facebook page posts schedules of upcoming shows, but the posts are made a day before or the day of the broadcasts. It would be great to know when each show will be at least a couple days before they go on the air. This is probably just part of the growing process of the station and the scheduling should be more structured with time.
Radio Airlift is definitely worth a listen, especially for people who enjoy listening to radio. Even if one has no opinion on radio, listening to Radio Airlift could sway your opinion.
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