Bosse Library technology


Librarian Karen Boyarsky in her office.


Aaron Daneshrad, cub writer
Even though the Lily and John Bosse Library is a place where students and teachers utilize the school’s resources, librarian Karen Boyarksy and technician Barbara Jebejian feel that the library is lacking in technology. Other members of the school, however, feel that the library’s technology is no sufficient enough for the student body.
Introducing new technology in the library
Many students use the library for research and as a quiet place to study. With many students and teachers coming in and out of the library each day, the library would naturally lack resources to aid all in need. With the technology such as computers, laptops, and printers which students use as a benefit, as well as resources like dictionaries and encyclopedias.

The computers and printers are conveniently free to students; however, when printing, students have to pay a fee of 10 cents per copy. Unfortunately this printer is not a colored printer which students, and the librarian would like to change. New  technology such as e-books, is wanted because e-books are updated continually.The librarians and the users of the library also want color printers, new computers and more attractive furniture. “E-books are great, they are updated with new info 24/7,” Boyarsky said.

New technology such as e-books and audiobooks would naturally decrease the amount of printed books in the library. Printed books are a problem because of the wear and tear that comes with checking out books.

“A lack is also the books we have in the library, the condition of some are just not [new].” Technician Jebejian says.

“We are behind in the technology, if the kids had more databases, we would have more students visit the libraries website and the library itself.” Jebejian says.

With about 33 percent of the high school coming to the library every week, whether it is studying, using the computers, or for whatever resource they are using, students and teachers would need a new printer that has color or more printers. And more printer paper would be needed as well.

“We use about 500 pieces of copy paper every week, a lot of people use the printer.” Boyarsky said.

An increase in technology would be important to have in the library since 33 percent of Beverly visits to the library every week.

“A lack of technology is definitely our printers because students want color printers,” Jebejian said.
The library will need a source of funding to pay for all of this technology
Psychology teacher, Dr. David Wolfe, visits the library daily from 7:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m., helps students who need help with their work. He believes that the library has fantastic technology.

“I feel the libraries technology is fantastic, they provide a bank of computers, I don’t know about future technology,” Wolfe said.

Freshman, Ethan Grabel attends the library every day before going to lacrosse practice. Just like others that attend the library, Grabel uses the technology such as computers for his work.

“I think they could use a little bit of an upgrade on the computers, but I think the technology in the library is fine as it is right now. The computers are great but the printers should be changed to color printers.”

The library would be nice to see a change in because it is a useful place for learning, studying, and achievement at Beverly Hills High School.

Some of the things that the library are looking for in technology would involve a meeting with the district, BHUSD has had a meeting with librarians at Hawthorne School.

“We were talking about adding e-books to the libraries collection, I think that’s the upcoming technology, We have seen some automated machines that allow students to check out DVD’s and CD’s with their ID’s.” Boyarksy said. “We would love to see that in the system. We hope to see all the campus libraries on the same software program that’s available to students 24/7.” Boyarksy said.