Basketball CIF run


Beverly Hills playing against Compton


Fidel Quiralte, cub writer

Last year Beverly had a great CIF playoff run making it all the to the semifinals. This year Beverly will try to duplicate their performance and will try to go to the championships. They have out a lot of work and dedication this year and want to make a great CIF playoff run.

Boys varsity basketball got far last year but they lost in the semifinals to Pasadena .  They also lost many talented seniors this year.  They were the leaders of the team and they led the team in scoring.  With their loss others will have to step and take the role as a leader and a dominant scorer.

Coach Jarvis Turner expects his returning players to step up and lead the team with their experience.  This year players have worked harder and are ready to win.  After finishing third in Ocean league they had to head out to Santa Barbara for the first round.

Round one: Beverly versus Santa Barbara
Boys varsity basketball had a successful first round beating Santa Barbara 62-48. It was a tightly contested game up until the fourth quarter. Santa Barbara was scoring just as much as Beverly in the first three quarters. In the fourth quarter junior guard Siavash Yektafor had 17 points to give Beverly a huge win. Yektafor was there leading scorer with 27 points.  
“We had a good game. We fought hard and we won. We have to prepare for our next matchup,” Turner said.
Their next matchup would be against Compton at home.  Compton went 19-9 in their season while Beverly went 15-12. Compton also has a higher rank in the country and they are a division one school while we are a division 3AA school. Beverly has to work harder and focus more in order to beat Compton.  They also have to practice more and now they can with the gym open.
“Since JV, sophomore, and freshman [teams] are out of the gym we have the gym the whole time and we can really work on our plays and we can work on our game,” Turner said.

Round two: Beverly versus Compton

Beverly was working very hard and they thought they were going to beat Compton and that they could make it further this year.

“I think we have worked harder than last year and that we can make it further. Also we our very confident and we can beat Compton,” Ben Cohen said.

Beverly ended up losing to Compton on Friday Feb.15 63-44. It wasn’t the most highly contested game with Compton outscoring them in every quarter and had the lead for most of the game.  Beverly smallest deficit was six points in the fourth quarter but after all their work to get the score close Compton had a big run and won the game.
Players comments and goals

“I wanted to do more, I wanted to win. I’m upset that we didn’t win but that means we have to work harder and next year we will be better,” Cohen said.

Beverly’s CIF run wasn’t as good as last year and they were cut off short. They couldn’t handle Compton fast pace style of play.

“We were definitely confident but they were more athletic than us. That isn’t an excuse though we should’ve won and we need to work harder,” Joshua Javahari said.

The players were no doubt confident but they were just outmatched by Compton. They need to work harder and they believe they will be better.

“We are going to work harder in the offseason and we will be ready for next year,” Turner said.

Coach Turner will work them harder and make sure they can make it far in CIF and that they will have a better chance to extend their CIF playoff run.