Girls lacrosse season picks up


Zoe Kenealy, staff writer
Girls lacrosse season is picking up and the varsity and JV rosters were decided this past Tuesday.
Among others, junior Shanny Lee made varsity her first year on the team.

“It was such an achievement to have made varsity my first year.  When preparing for tryouts, I was so afraid because I didn’t even know if I would make JV,” Lee said.
Freshman Sofia Adell is the only girl in the ninth grade to make varsity.
“Although I am sad because I am not placed with my friends who made the JV team, I am very honored that Marks placed me in such a skilled group of girls. I have actually already become really close with all the girls on varsity and look forward to this challenging, fun season ahead of us,” Adell said.
Girls varsity will be attending the 11th Annual Rosebowl Jamboree Tournament this Saturday.  The team is looking forward to the experience and is training to perform its best at the event. The tournament is the entire day and the girls will be playing against lacrosse teams from all around the Los Angeles area.

We are working very hard and want to show everyone all that girls lacrosse is capable of.  I am excited for my team,” junior Abbiegayle Levi said.

Coach Marks is returning as head coach, assisted by Susan Kolko, Daniel Asher, Judy Naziri and Mike Vozden.

“I am glad Marks is returning this year.  I have learned so much with her and wouldn’t want to be under the coaching of anyone else,” Levi said.

Girls lacrosselooks forward to its season and played its first game this past Wednesday at Glendale. Varsity lost 7-9 and JV lost 2-5.
CORRECTIONS AS OF MARCH 6, 2013:  Varsity coaches are: Kate Marks, Mike Gvozden, Dash Pomerantz
JV coaches are: Susan Kolko, Judy Naziri
Two freshmen playing are: Sofia Adell, Nastazia Moshirfatemi (Nastazia has a broken finger, but will be playing for the team at its heal)