Junior/Senior Night review


Oliver Gallop, graphics editor
Poor little juniors. They thought they could have it all. But after an amazing comeback by the seniors at Junior/Senior Night on Feb. 21, all the juniors could do was sorrowfully hang their heads and walk out the Swim-Gym door into the cold dark night.  Of course some juniors thought the event was rigged, even some seniors believed the win did not seem completely fair. The past Junior/Senior Nights have been more controversial; this year’s was simply a hard-fought battle.
Every event appeared to be played completely fairly, except for the casual relay race bamboozling or unorthodox crab walking. But this was done by both teams, not only the seniors, so the excuse that cheating helped the seniors win is not valid.
Some events were nail-bitingly close, like the relay race, and only NFL-caliber replay video would help solve the mystery of which grade actually got into the human pyramid first. The seniors were faster in the race, but the smaller frames of the juniors helped expedite the building of their structurally-sound pyramid.
The race was followed by musical chairs and boys’ and girls’ tennis ball throw. Musical chairs always ends somewhat controversially, but in the end, the juniors won fair and square after a substantial comeback. The juniors took the tennis ball throw contest in overtime even after a buzzer beater by senior Dion Fortier.
Then came one of the main events: dodgeball. Because it is one of the two biggest co-ed events at Junior/Senior Night, the officials decided to make it worth 40 points. The seniors’ two straight wins in dodgeball put them within range of a comeback. The juniors and seniors split the 3-point contest, with the boys’ contest going to the juniors and girls’ contest going to the seniors.
Twenty points down, seniors prepared for the final and biggest event: pushball. Of course, to save time and allow for there to only be one winner, the judges made the event worth 40 points. The rest of the night came down to who had the strongest legs and buffest triceps. And so, after a 2-0 win in pushball, the seniors emerged victorious in the entire event with a comeback for the ages.