Earthlings club brings life to Greystone Mansion gardens


18Jessica Lu, staff writer

Earthlings Club is helping to maintain the garden at historic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, working alongside city volunteers, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  Members usually arrive on site Saturday morning, spending several hours planting, composting and preparing fertilizer in an attempt to revitalize the mansion’s garden and beautify the landscape.

“We plant different crops such as beets, carrots and peas,” secretary Charlotte Frank said.  “Those who help out at the gardens pick the plants.  We also have a mulch compost area where we use worms to turn egg shells, coffee grounds and shredded newspaper into fertilizer.”

The idea of working at Greystone originated from Frank, whose aunt is a key organizer and leader of the project.

“I look forward to seeing the progress we make in the garden and seeing the community come together to work on the project,” Co-President and Co-Founder Yasi Sanandaj said.  “I like the natural beauty and historic landscape of the mansion.  It makes me feel like we are working on something innovative for a place that has existed for so long.”

Sanandaj is pleased with the growth of the project, but hopes to acquire more student turnout in the future.  Currently, there are only four members attending on a regular basis.

“It is a great way to help out our community, get service, and spend some time in the sun with friends on the weekend,” Co-President and Co-Founder Adar Thau said. “What could be better than that?”

Earthlings also has aspirations that can be completed within the school, Sanandaj said.

“Our future goals include raising awareness of taking care of our school by making it a greener and cleaner place,” Sanandaj said. “Our motto, ‘All for Earth and Earth for all’ explains the importance of doing good things for the environment.”

The club will discuss Greystone Mansion and other projects during its lunch meetings on Wednesdays in S204.