Brien, Mirisch and Krasne to serve on City Council


Zoe Kenealy, staff writer
On Mar. 8, the Beverly Hills City Council results were posted, reelecting the former Mayor Dr. William Brien and former Vice-Mayor, John Mirisch for office. In a seven vote advance, former 2009-10 Mayor Nancy H. Krasne won the available seat in city council over the Vice-Chair of Planning Commission, Brian Rosenstein.
The 2013 Beverly Hills City Council election featured seven running candidates that consisted of Brien, Katherine Cohan, Eliot M. Finkel, Krasne, Mirisch, Rosenstein and Michael Talei.

Victors Brien, Mirisch and Krasne all made their positions against a subway being built under the high school relevant in their campaigns, perhaps labeling the city of Beverly Hills opposed to a metro under the school speaking in terms of a majority.

“During the election I know that my family was in support of Krasne due to the fact that she had a very strong position against the dangerous construction of a metro under the school,” sophomore Amanda Christovich said.  “I am very glad that she had a sort of victory in this election.”
Krasne’s website states, “We are threatened by an irresponsible MTA plan to build a subway tunnel underneath our high school.”
Mirisch’s also established his opposition to a subway under the school in his website saying, “John has taken the lead in support of our schools in their fight against Metro’s decision to tunnel under our only high school for the benefit of a well-heeled developer.”
The City Clerk is given 28 days to confirm the results of the election counted Mar. 8.