“Secret Garden” play has a successful weekend


Zoe Kenealy, staff writer

The Advanced Theatre Class performed its reenactment of the “Secret Garden” on Thursday, March 21, Friday, and Saturday, March 23. The cast underwent quite the challenge in making the show all that it ultimately was the nights of show.

Production of the show began before winter break.

Initially, auditions were open to the entire school and, once narrowed down, the lead roles were cast at callbacks. Actors had to perform scenes and songs that were featured in the play in order to be properly chosen for their roles. All students ultimately cast in the play were already enrolled in Beverly’s theatre class.

Theatre student Deven Martin played Dr. Neville Craven and was “ecstatic” to receive the role.

“The thing that drew me to my character was how opposite I am from him,” Martin said. “He gave me a chance to channel my inner dark side and sing some powerful songs.”

The process leading up to the show was not an easy one for the cast.

“It was a tiring and painstaking process but we were determined to do this show justice. We would also speak in British accents [offstage] to be more comfortable with them when talking on stage,” Martin said. “The men had to rehearse on certain days during lunch with Coach JJ to get into the military and manly mindset of the 1900s. We would also have to wear shirts, dress pants, dress shoes and long skirts (for the girls) to rehearsal everyday to get used to them. Our hours were usually from after school to 6 p.m. or 7 p.m.”

The first preview was on Tuesday, March 19, for the entire high school during period four.

The Secret Garden was Beverly’s last production of the year, and according to the cast, the turnout was as great as expected.


“I thought the “Secret Garden” turned out to be such an amazing show that sounded and looked amazing,” theatre student Roman Zaragoza said. “We knew how difficult it was going to be, but were able to pull it off.”

Junior Dani Nisim attended the performance and considered the play to be “enchanting.”

“The performance was just brilliant,” Nisim said. “I really admire all the actors for all the work they put into making the play as spectacular as it was.”