Watchtower seeks inspiration for next edition


Danny Licht, sous-chief
On the Monday after spring break, the Watchtower staff is scattered across the classroom, flipping through various books and taking copious notes. The staff is looking for inspiration in other schools’ yearbooks having almost entirely finished the 2012-2013 edition before spring break.

The staff is split into groups. First they grade other schools’ books from the cover to the end sheets. Each group produces its own, highly abridged yearbook with its own cover and theme. They then presents its book to the class, which then votes on which style to adopt for next year’s book.

When looking through the books, photo editor Sarah Patterson looks for cohesive design.

“If we have a specific theme, we make sure that every single page has a theme,” she said.

Choosing their own theme, however, is a secretive process. Staffer Ashley Banayan has some things up her sleeve.

“I do have some [theme ideas] but I’m not gonna say, because if they’re picked I don’t want to [give them away],” she said.

Yearbook adviser Malia Frutschy hopes that, through looking at other schools’ books, the staff will better understand what works and what does not.

“[I want them to get] ideas,” she said, “what do they like and what don’t they like.”

The staff sent the upcoming yearbook, themed Our Time, to press earlier this week. It will be delivered to students during or before Senior Finals.