Career Day (Slideshow)


Oliver Gallop, Zoe Kenealy, Marguerite Alberts

Inspiration lingers in the halls of Beverly as the Regional Occupation Program (ROP) Dept.’s Career Day comes to an end. The event began with a 40 minute keynote presentation where Music Box Theater owner Thaddeus Hunter Smith and comedian Wendy Liebman focused on the role of passion and risk-taking in achieving success.

“I think teachers should get paid like athletes” comedian Liebman said, “and then we should be able to trade them.”

As the keynote speakers wrapped up their presentation, students split into breakout sessions, which represented a gamut of professions and industries.

“Each breakout session was not solely a lesson in a particular profession but in success and determination as a whole.” said junior Jessica Karpiak.

These speakers included lawyers and doctors as well as the less traditional makeup artists, publicists and fitness consultants.

 “I don’t think Career Day gets the attention and enthusiasm it deserves,” senior Brittany Zoet said. “It is so inspirational and grounding; it reminds me of my goals, my purpose and the importance of education.”

 With the help of a selective group of Beverly students, ROP counselor Megan Anspach  and ROP Dept. Head Steve Rappaport guided over 150 speakers around Beverly’s campus, through their sessions and to a luncheon of appreciation.