Boys swim team remains undefeated in league play


Zoe Kenealy, staff writer 

The boys varsity swim team continues its undefeated season as of Thursday’s meet against Culver in which Beverly defeated Culver 98-74.
“We were all kind of nervous going into the final meet with Culver because we know that Culver is a strong team and some people were saying that its swimmers as a whole had a bit more skill than we do,” junior Justin Kim said. “In the end, though, the team pulled through and that is something we are all really proud of ourselves for.”
This season, the boys swim team has amped up its practices in terms of difficulty in its efforts to swim a better and more competitive season.
“We knew we really wanted to improve what was already a good team this year so the entire team, I know, went through a lot of pretty grueling practices,” junior Daniel Louis said. “Ultimately, I am sure that all the boys agree that the extra time and effort was well worth it.”
Every season, the swim team endures practices that include multiple phases, each phase being more intense than the last. For the first time, however, this season’s spring break practices called for the boys to swim every practice with their shirts on. This made it so that the wet shirts weighed the boys down, preparing the team’s stamina for meets against the tougher schools.
“I still remember the practices we had with our shirts on and they were all pretty horrific for the guys,” Kim said. “In it though, I remember continuing to think to myself that it would be well worth it at all the meets.”
The team expects the rest of the season to continue being successful. The intense practices and motivation of a so far undefeated season add into the swimmers’ ambition to end the season off just as successfully as it started.
“The fact that we have had an undefeated season is really something that I continue to think about when enduring the tough practices,” Louis said. “It is something that I do not want to let go of and I know that the team plays with a lot more confidence and determination because of the undefeated title we want to keep at the end of season.”
The next meet is set to be on Wednesday, April 24, against North Torrance. Results were not available as of press time.