Seniors will try out for the commencement speech


Kevin Park, staff writer

In anticipation for the graduation ceremony for the class of 2013, Assistant Principal Toni Staser and the school administration are holding a tryout on May 7 for those seniors who are interested in having the honor of presenting a commencement speech on June 14.

A committee comprised of students, teachers and administration selected “Forever Young” as the theme of this year’s speech.

“This was a theme that seemed very open-ended. A student could truly be very creative in how they approach the topic,” Staser said.

Thirty students have signed up to try out. On the day of tryouts, the judging committee will decide which students have the most distinctive speeches to perform at the graduation ceremony.

“We are looking for ideas in the speech that are well developed and substantive. We also look to see if ideas are clear and well organized and finally, if the speaker is an effective speaker,” Staser said.

One of the students who signed up for the tryout, who is also the president of National Honors Society, Ariel Azhdam shared his excitement with Highlights.

“I signed up because I want to be able to leave a lasting mark at Beverly and to express how proud I am of what we all have achieved. I like to think of my speech as a timeline that accumulates all of our memories together in high school,” senior Ariel Azhdam said.

The committee will choose only two best speakers out of the 30 candidates. These two students will have the honor to give speeches to the graduating class of 2013 along with Principal Carter Paysinger and the President of the Board of Education Jacob Manaster.