College fair educates juniors, sophomores


Candice Hannani, feature editor 
Students flocked to the cafeteria to meet college-bound seniors and college representatives from 76 different schools as part of the annual college fair on Tuesday. Students from mainly the 10th and 11th grades were present, as were members of the PTSA and the counseling department.

“I really love it all – I love seeing the students and the reps. It’s really such a nice networking experience all around. I think every year we’ve added more and more opportunities for students to get college ready,” college counselor Jill Lewis said.

While college representatives answered most of the questions directed toward their school, seniors, such as Alex Aftalion, helped ease their fellow classmates’ anxiety about the future by speaking about their personal experiences with the application process.

“I absolutely loved representing USC. It was a great feeling to be able to assure students that they will be going to the school where they’re meant to be, and to help them feel less overwhelmed about the college process,” Aftalion claimed.

Current sophomores and juniors, and several freshmen, were free to collect college pamphlets and information cards. Students, such as junior Rebecca Nourafshan, decided to show interest in a desired school by introducing themselves to college representatives.

“The college fair gave me a lot of needed information and a better idea of where to go,” Nourafshan said. “I feel more stressed but it’s a good kind of stress that pushes me to be more motivated.”

Several college workshops were held throughout the year, and two in particular were held during the event. Students had the choice of going to a financial aid presentation and a presentation about applying to a school with a specialty, such as performing arts, fine arts, architecture and film school.

According to Lewis, each year the counseling department has improved the opportunities it gives to students aspiring to go to college. Although this year is coming to a close, the counseling department is still looking for ways to help students be prepared for the college application process ahead.