‘Secret Garden’ cast wins theater awards at JRAY


Zoe Kenealy, staff writer
The drama department’s Lina Hebert, senior, and Leah Weissbuch, senior, have recently been honored for their parts in “The Secret Garden” at the National High School Musical Theater Awards (JRAY). Hebert won soloist of the year and Weissbuch was chosen as featured actress of the year. The production was honored in eight categories.
“I think the direction we had under Herb Hall, Joel Pressman and Annie Terry allowed this show to be so great and as a cast, reach our potential,” Hebert said. “I was the most happy for [the teachers] to be recognized because we would be nothing without them.”
The cast as a whole was recognized for its ability to smoothly carry out multiple scene changes, with each and every actor constantly aware of the other members on stage. “
Everyone worked hard to make the show flow and look easy and amazing, when it was really so much work,” Hebert said.
Beverly’s recognition at JRAY will contribute to its reputation among school theater departments.
“I am very proud of the my peers being able to be honored at the JRAY. It is nice to see all the hard work that finally paid off for us,” junior Deven Martin said. “Schools from all over Southern California competed, so it really brings us recognition for being a great department and makes our efforts worthwhile.”
With its JRAY honor, Beverly’s drama department is excited to carry on with future productions.
Hall did not respond to requests for comment in time for print.