Boys baseball ends season in first round of CIF


Zoe Kenealy, staff writer
Boys varsity baseball recently ended its season at the first round of playoffs with a 7-6 loss to Highland on Tuesday, May 14.
“It was disappointing for the team to have not gone further in the playoffs, but I am really proud of the season we put out,” pitcher Maxwell Martin said. “I think we are all very proud of the fact that the team was able to make it to the playoffs and we hope for an even better season next year.”
With the conclusion of the season, the team recalls some of its brighter days, such as its game against Inglewood on May 9, in which Beverly won 10-2. “Our game against Inglewood really gave us a lot of confidence,” catcher Jackson Martin said. “It showed us that if the team worked together instead of each focusing on our own, we could get a lot done. I know all the boys are still really proud of the team’s performance that day.” The team is excited at the prospective season and many of the players will be training over the summer in order to better contribute to an even more talented varsity baseball team of 2014.
“I know that I will be training a lot with my brother Jackson over the summer. We will hopefully come back next year with an even stronger background in baseball and be able to help the team make it to playoffs once again,” Maxwell Martin said.
The team had its fair share of ups and downs in turns of successes and losses in the season. According to some of the players, the team’s performance at every game depended on how well the boys were able to work together as a team.
“Something that a lot of us noticed was that if we all made sure to work together as a team instead of focusing on what we needed to do individually, our performance was always better,” Maxwell Martin said. “Especially at Inglewood, we all made sure to work together and remember what we did in practice. A lot of time in the heat of the moment, it is easy to only think about what you as a player need to focus on, but that definitely isn’t what brought us the most success. I think that if we had figured that out earlier in the season, we might have had a better turnout.”
The team is proud of its work in the season overall, but it knows that there is always room for improvement. It hopes for a great new season and is thankful for everything it was able to accomplish this past season.