Letters to the editor regarding ‘Class of 2021’ editorial



This article will be updated whenever we receive additional letters to the editor regarding the recent editorial on the Class of 2021.

“Commendation of latest Editorial” from senior Marissa Kaniel

NOTE: Following the submission of this letter at 2:26pm, ASB sent a survey to the senior class with a form to vote on senior apparel designs. 
Dear Highlights Editorial Board,
I would like to commend you on the most recent article, “Editorial: Class of 2021 currently being ignored, deserves recognition.” First off, as a senior I was relieved to see someone put those feelings into words. This article was well articulated, biting, and factual. On the actual subject matter, this editorial clearly expresses the collective emotions of seniors and the disparity between the class of 2020 and the current class. The part that hit me especially hard was, “it’s hard to watch all of the attention still go to a group who only lost their last three months.” And it is hard, because it’s true. Seniors shouldn’t have to beg to be appreciated, seen, or recognized. In a normal year, seniors participate in fun activities, like Albion street, rallies and the rest. In agreement with the article, no one is asking for that. We want recognition, appreciation. But asking for it is almost embarrassing, on the part of ASB, the administration and the board. 
Another part of the article that was personal to me was the hoodie design. Back in August, I had submitted three designs to ASB. They said the designs looked great, and I felt that my hoodie would get chosen because it had a lot of appeal and it was really relevant to our new environment. However, this week ASB released their final design and frankly, it’s a disappointment. It isn’t wearable, relevant, and most importantly, there was no widespread vote on the design. I asked ASB about the decision and they said there was a design guideline (that no one was made aware of) and that there was “soooo much more that happens behind the scenes”. Simply put, four people on Senior Head Row get to decide for hundreds of seniors. 
It’s just another example of seniors being left out of activities that could potentially bring us together. Something that could bring people a bit of hope and fun while students are stuck at home. 
Thank you,
Marissa Kaniel, Senior

Letter to the Editor from ASB seniors

The seniors of ASB would like to acknowledge the article that was recently published in Highlights by the Beverly Media Group Editorial Board and address some of the issues discussed. 
Us seniors and other students in ASB are enduring the same hardships and missing out on the same memories as every other student at Beverly. That being said, we have most definitely not been “pushed to the side and forced to accept” the situation that we’re in. We are in a global pandemic.  
To the senior class: you are seen. Under these limiting circumstances, ASB, and more specifically the ASB seniors, understand and sympathize with your grievances.
Thus far, the seniors in ASB have brainstormed various socially distanced events that could have made up for what we are missing out on. During the first semester, we came up with events such as, but not limited to, a senior drive-in movie night and a senior drive through carnival. We spent a lot of time working out the logistics on how these events could take place during a global pandemic. Unfortunately, however, these events, and more, had to be put on the back burner because of the COVID-19 guidelines that have been put in place by Los Angeles County.
Currently, we are working on events and activities such as a senior care package, a senior movie night, and personalized tiles from Color Me Mine for each member of the senior class to be placed in the school’s entryway. We also created a prom committee, as prom has not officially been canceled. Most events mentioned in the Highlights articleprom, Junior/Senior night, Senior Breakfast at Career Day, Grad Nightare all events that take place in or after March, and we hope to be able to put them on in whatever way we possibly can, be it digitally or in-person.
Rather than publishing an article lacking sufficient knowledge about what is really going on, the Beverly Highlights Editorial Board should have interviewed ASB. Not a single student in ASB was interviewed before this article was published. We are open to any and all criticisms and suggestions, but we won’t know what the student body is concerned about until it is brought to our attention. We should have been given the opportunity to explain why the year has looked like this so far in terms of senior events. The students in ASB work day in and day out for BHHS behind the scenes. You won’t know what is going on behind the scenes until you reach out and ask. We will make a concentrated effort to be more transparent from here on out.
To all the seniors: please do not lose hope! ASB is here for you. We fight for you. We see you. You are not forgotten! The circumstances, however, make it difficult to demonstrate this. The work we put in and events we create are often put on hold by administration because of the constantly changing COVID-19 guidelines that we must follow.
Please remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although nobody would have wished for this to be our senior year, we are all in this together. We will all get through this year together with many positive memories to reflect upon. Please do not forget that ASB is not more powerful than a global pandemic. Stay hopeful, stay positive, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your senior ASB members for anything you need.
Your ASB Seniors