Art show to take place on Heath Avenue


Pasha Farmanara, web co-editor-in-chief

Beverly will host an art show on Thursday, May 30 on Heath Avenue and the front lawn. The show will take place from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and will showcase pieces made by students. The event is totally student driven, and is not tied to any organization.

The show will have photo booths and food trucks, and will be deejayed by Beverly’s online radio team, Radio Airlift.

All of the art is summer themed and the pieces vary in forms.

“All the work is coming from the students. Anyone can submit anything summer themed,” said senior Matthew Hankin.

The show is headed by junior Sarah Peskin, with the help of graphic design teacher Deb Joseph

“It’s been really fulfilling to lead an art festival. In the beginning [the festival] was such a small idea and it made me so excited to have everyone love my plans for the event,” Peskin said.  “It definitely becomes overwhelming to lead the festival, but I’m so grateful to have the help from Ms. Joseph.”

Classes represented at the show include the photography, graphic design and art class.

“It’s fun to put my work on display,” said senior Sharon Attia. “I do a lot of work in photography, and having two of my photos in the gallery makes the work worthwhile.”

Along with the art show NAHS has put up a summer themed art gallery near the main staircase on the first floor.

“[The gallery is] something to go up for the summer. It’ll be here for the summer school, and it is good for the 8th graders to see when they come into high school next year,” Hankin said.

After the show there will be a NAHS induction ceremony where students will get awards for their work. The night will be topped off with the Spring Instrumental performance in the auditorium.