Spend summer vacation productively


Zoe Kenealy, staff writer
With the school year winding down, many students have probably heard some variation of “I can’t wait to simply relax by the pool and tan this summer,” from a friend, family member or even themselves.
While two months of straight relaxation may sound like a splendid plan, it is important for students to consider all that can potentially be accomplished over summer, when students are finally able forget about the stresses of school — disregarding, of course, the load of summer homework given to AP students.
If a student is not bent on becoming the ultimate couch potato or poolside junkie and is at a loss for how he can possibly spend the summer, the following may be considered:
● Find an internship. Many teenagers already have an idea of what professions interest them. Although internships are a way for students to gain experience in a chosen field, they are a large time commitment during the school year. School work is minimal during the summer, making this season the ideal time for applying for internships. If a student is successful in landing one, he may have a fun expe- rience that he can list on college applications.
● Get healthy. Perhaps more than hearing “I am going to relax this summer,” people hear “tomorrow/this new year/this summer/on the first of [insert month], I will start my diet.” The summer is the perfect time to finally get in shape and eat healthful foods. Summer vacation means less work, and less work equals less “stress eating.” The summer is the optimum season to try green juices and superfoods. “Get outside and move! It is beautiful outside over the summer. The weather is inviting you to go outdoors and summer is the time to focus on eating a good diet since there is not the stress of school,” school nurse Laurie Linden said.
● Get a feel for the college life. An overachiever may want a new experience this upcoming summer. Signing up for a college’s summer program is a fantastic way to better understand what life on a college campus is like. Students may even earn early college credits. “Not only do college programs look good on resumés, but they also provide wonderful opportunities for students to gain new experiences that they can include in their col- lege applications and essays,” college counsel or Jill Lewis said.
This summer, plenty of students will find themselves immediately equating “summer vacation” with “unproductiveness.” However, that should not be the case. There are so many ways that students can spend time bettering themselves or doing activities they may have found difficult due to school’s demanding nature.