Beverly Hills CPR holds Sidewalk CPR event


Ben Hannani, staff writer
After a successful sidewalk CPR event last year, Beverly Hills CPR Vice President Les Bronte was motivated to participate in the county-wide event again this year. The event, held from 9 a.m. noon on June 4, took place at the Beverly Hills fire station, among other locations throughout Los Angeles. In coordination with the Beverly Hills Fire Department (BHFD), Beverly Hills CPR taught attendees when and how to properly administer CPR. Brief courses were taught on how to take care of oneself, observe surroundings before the administration of CPR, determine the condition of a victim, how to call 911, and how to actually administer CPR, currently 100 compressions per minute and no breaths.
“This event is great form of community outreach,” Bronte said. “Our goal is to teach members of the community CPR.”
Beverly Hills CPR regularly offers classes three to four times a week at the Beverly Hills Civic Center for the public, including classes specifically targeted toward professionals and parents. Upcoming events for Beverly Hills CPR include the organization’s first-ever instruction on how to properly administer CPR to a cat and dog, which will take place on June 22. To learn more about Beverly Hills CPR, visit