Take it or Make it: How to make red velvet cake bites



Emma Newman staff writer 

Candice Anvari staff writer 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bake a delicious sweet dessert, and nothing is more fitting than something with red velvet. Making red velvet cake bites with Chocolate with Grace’s recipe is more difficult and lengthy than it appears, but the taste of the final product is worth the hassle. 

The easiest step of the recipe is its first, which calls for making red velvet cake from a simple box mix. This process shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes, 30 of which will be spent on baking the cake itself. 

After that, the next step is to crumble the cake and mix it with cream cheese frosting. This is relatively straightforward, although it is best to add more frosting than the recipe calls for so that your cake mixture can form into balls. 

Once this mixture is ready, roll the red cake into balls and freeze them for about an hour. 

The hardest part about this recipe isn’t the time-consuming freezing, though, but the final step: melting white chocolate and dipping the cake into it. The reason this proved to be so challenging was that the mix took a minuscule amount of time to dry, meaning that it was nearly impossible to dip all of the balls in quickly enough so that the chocolate didn’t become somewhat solidified. 

To avoid this problem, the best option is to melt half of the chocolate first and then a second half to avoid dealing with the difficulties of the quick drying time. Even with this precaution, dipping the balls is not an easy process. The amount of chocolate the recipe calls for is not nearly enough to submerge the balls in, meaning that when you dip it on a toothpick, only half is covered in chocolate. This leaves the issue of flipping the bites so that the chocolate side is facing up, which can be messy. 

For these reasons, the final product will not be pretty or easy to arrive at. However, the bites were so delicious that it makes the process worthwhile. The cake is flavorful and soft, while the white chocolate adds the perfect amount of crunch and sweetness for a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. 

To see how to do this recipe, watch the video below.