Girls’ frosh/soph soccer loses scrimmage, but looks on bright side


Marguerite Alberts, Staff Writer

On the upper field, the girls Frosh/Soph soccer team lost a scrimmage they hosted against El Segundo. The final score was 4-0, El Segundo. This season the team has four players who are out and one player that is still playing despite an injury.

“They affect the team in practices and games because we don’t have the numbers to make practices as successful as they can be. In games it is hard not to have subs for fresh legs to go in,” Coach Mel said about their injured players.

Despite the missing players and today’s loss, the team takes this loss in stride and uses it as an opportunity for growth. This scrimmage does not count in the league games and gives the team a chance to see what needs to be improved on and what is going well.

“It [scrimmages] helps us cover what we don’t cover in games and helps our team as a unit,” Joya Mehdizadeh said.

“Scrimmages help improve game mentality and reiterates the positioning of how to be in a game and stay in motion,” Coach Mel said.

Whether it is with the help of playing scrimmages, going to practices, or playing games, Coach Mel observes that the team is improving. For her, the highlight of the game was taking what was talked about at practice and seeing it in action.

“We’ve improved our passing and had the most scoring opportunities we have had. Every single girl put in their best effort,” the coach said.

She believes that her team works well together and seems rather happy, something that is important for any team that aims to win the championship.

“There is the occasional fight, but in the end we’re a team and we get through it,” Mehdizadeh said.

Coach Mel holds team meetings, letting the players discuss personal feelings.

“We take it as a chance to change our attitudes,” Mel said.

The team will use this scrimmage as an example for things that are working well for them and things that are in need of changes so that they can be in the best shape to win their next game on Jan. 18.