Teens testing the Market



Will Harris staff writer

There is a group of young students who are already looking out for their financial future. The Stock Market Club at Beverly Hills High School has members who dedicated part of their lives to equity investing. 

 In Noorvash’s case, his motivation to begin investing in the stock market came from his involvement in the Stock Market Club.“I started getting into stocks late sophomore year and was introduced to the idea of investing by joining the stock market club. I started investing right before the pandemic started,” junior Ryan Noorvash said.

“I’ve been trading since December 2019. I started with a very small portfolio as a penny trader. I self-taught myself everything from YouTube and books,”  senior London Anderson said.

For many students their reasons for joining the club and  how long  they  have been into the stock market varies. “I’ve been into the stock market and a part of the stock market club for 3 years now,” senior Ian Fienberg said

Despite fluctuations in the market as a result of the pandemic, including a relatively dismal economy, many members of the Stock Market Club believe that the stock market will prosper in 2021.

 “Once the pandemic ends and things go back to ‘normal,’ I think the stock market will only get better. Once people start going out again, businesses are going to be much more successful,” Fienberg said. 

Anderson shares Fienberg’s optimism, especially considering his analysis of multiple different industries.

“I think the market will go green. The momentum from multiple outperforming industries will propel the market green for the year,” Anderson said.

The members shared some of their top stock picks for 2021. Noorvash says he likes Virgin Galactic.

“Despite not being the safest stock pick, I believe space travel is the future and will grow exponentially in the long term,” he said.

 Anderson, who started out trading in penny stocks like Fuel Cell, remains optimistic about the company’s stock price.

“The energy industry had a great year and will continue to have a great 2021. I still swing trade Fuel Cell to this day,” London Anderson said.

To be a successful investor, the club members offer some of their advice: 

“Watch YouTube videos, Google questions, read books,” London Anderson said.

 Becoming familiar with the market is very important. Also equally important in their eyes is learning from others who are experienced. 

“Surround yourself with people who know more about investing, and open your mind to reading or listening to popular investors, such as Warren Buffet,” Noorvash said. 

For many of these members, participating in the Stock Market Club has been a great way to learn about and enter the stock market as an investor. 

Terms to know: 

“Market green” A certain stock or market as a whole will go up.

“Penny stocks” Stocks that trade for less than 1$ per share.