Take it or Make it: How to make fried rice



Emma Newman staff writer 

Candice Anvari staff writer

Whether you’re bored or hungry, cooking a quick meal is often an appealing activity. One great option for easy cooking is fried rice. However, making it with Welcome Magazine’s recipe can result in a confusing cooking experience and a mediocre final product.

The recipe first calls for the breaking up of white rice so each clump is individualized, which is the easiest step. 

When the rice is ready, transfer two eggs to an already hot, oiled skillet. The skillet should not be on too hot of a setting on the stove, though, as this could result in overcooked eggs. Once you scramble these eggs, the rice should be mixed with the eggs. After this step, it gets significantly more complicated. 

While the recipe says to mix in a designated amount of chicken powder and soy sauce, it fails to specify how much garlic powder, onion powder, garlic salt or pepper should be added alongside it. 

The best option is to put a minimal amount of the seasoning in so, if necessary, a tasteful amount can be added later. Overseasoning can be much harder to correct, therefore it should be avoided at all costs.

After mixing in the seasoning at a quick pace, all that is left is to add the vegetable or protein of your choice. 

The final product is a tasty yet underwhelming dish. The flavors of the rice and the eggs mix well together, although the seasoning can either overpower or be too understated in the dish. 

Watch the following video to see how to make it: