District was correct to allow sports to resume


Photo taken by William Harris. The football team during a practice throwing around the football to get ready for the upcoming season.


Benji Maman staff writer

The district was correct to allow sports to resume due to the decline in case rates and safety precautions taken. 

The rules California set for schools is that if there are four to seven cases per 100,000 people or five to eight percent positive tests then school can reopen. Along with school opening up, sports can and should resume.

According to The New York Times, in the past 14 days cases have gone down by 34 percent, which is remarkable. Also, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), Los Angeles County’s cases have gone down from High to Substantial.

Some players on BHHS sports teams agree with the reopening sports. Captain of the football team, Max Menache, thinks that it was appropriate and they should’ve let sports resume.

“I think the district should’ve allowed sports to resume because it benefits the students tremendously and we are now capable of completing with a much lower risk of anything going wrong,” Menache said.

In March of 2020, juniors who are seniors now unexpectedly played what they thought were going to be their last games because the world was going into a lockdown. The district’s choice to reopen gave seniors a chance to know for sure that they are going to get to have more games to play before they go to college. Also, this gave them a chance to guide the freshmen for their first games.

Freshmen this year have very little experience with playing their sport so to have the seniors to guide them for their first games will be a huge factor for success in the upcoming years.

Who would rather exercise in their room on a Zoom call than play the actual sport that they enjoy? It’s better for the kids in multiple different ways to get on the field so they can play the sport they love.