ASB plans in-person events after one year of home learning

Senior Naomi Jeng and senior Sila Uguz tie-dye their shirts at the in-person ASB Senior Day event on March 25.

Senior Naomi Jeng and senior Sila Uguz tie-dye their shirts at the in-person ASB Senior Day event on March 25.


Candice Anvari staff writer 

As a result of the district’s physical reopening, ASB members returned to campus in preparation for new, in-person events. 

ASB’s first in-person event was Freshmen Orientation on March 23, in which Link Crew and ASB members facilitated a series of activities and tours for the current freshmen. Although ASB members are currently planning more in-person events, only about 25% of the members are back on campus. 

Due to the “sudden” transition to in-person learning, ASB junior row vice president Eli Ramer believes ASB is currently in an “adapting period,” as student leaders and members are readjusting to physical learning and pitching new ideas for COVID-safe, in-person events. 

“In terms of planning events, in-person opportunities have become a big part of the planning process, especially for seniors who are now very interested in doing the prom. We are also discussing a night event for juniors and seniors, with the possibility of seeing movies outside,” Ramer said. “Now that we’re able to set hard dates and times for in-person events, we are all getting very excited. I think the student body will be excited as well.” 

ASB advisor Nick Henggeler wants the focus of the upcoming in-person events to be on seniors since they missed most of the senior activities the graduating class would normally expect. 

“I’m not promising that prom will happen, as we are still pitching ideas with administration. But, we’re planning an in-person graduation, an in-person senior sunset and an in-person senior breakfast. So, I think that the senior class is going to see a lot more senior programming, including some that the administration is more active in planning and some that PTSA is currently planning,” Henggeler said. 

As the cohort system was removed for April 26, Ramer hopes that more students will be visible on campus to attend ASB events during the school day. 

“If we have a captive audience on campus, we can do lunchtime activities, but we’d have to follow the in-person attendance levels to see if that’d be possible. Hopefully, we can get some events in at the end of the school year to boost morale and get students excited that they’re back on campus,” Ramer said. 

Similar to Ramer, Henggeler hopes that students, especially seniors, are looking forward to the upcoming events. He is “confident” that ASB will push for as many in-person events as possible in order to “invigorate” the student body after over one year in home learning. 

“We’re not necessarily full-steam ahead, but we are definitely testing the waters right now. However, I want to stress that ASB students are always advocating for the student body. The kids who are elected and the kids who are joining us are always pushing the envelope as far as they can to provide as much as they can for the student body,” Henggeler said. “ASB students are working really hard to try to make the end of the year special. We’re doing all that we can and I am supporting them to make sure that we can bring all of that to life.” 

ASB is holding a recess day on April 27 and April 29. Stay tuned for more updates as the planning process continues.