The yellow tier and what it means for our community


Photo credit: COVID19.CA.Gov


Karely Molina Martinez staff writer 

As COVID rates continue to decline within the area, LA now qualifies under the least-restrictive tier yet, as of May 6, 2021. 

Entering the yellow tier means that more indoor activities are allowed at greater capacity.  Originally, in the orange tier, indoor activities were allowed, but restrictions limited capacity. The yellow tier now allows more freedom for the people in the community and within the school. Free of restrictions, many places around Beverly Hills will begin to open following the guidelines set in place for each tier. 

According to an ABC 7 article, “nearly all businesses to reopen indoor operations (as long as physical distancing and face-covering requirements are in place),” ABC 7 reported.

The Blueprint for a Safer Economy breaks down the LA county’s current risk rate. If cases continue to decline and safety precautions are still installed, the state hopes to reopen the economy across the state by June 15. 

Moving into the yellow tier may have lifted many restrictions off of specific activities; however, many “Health Officers continue to urge residents to adhere to safety precautions and for all who can to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19,” according to LA public health. The county officials emphasized the idea of following health precautions as we continue to progress in our tier rank. 

“It is vitally important that a very high percentage of Los Angeles County residents become fully vaccinated as possible,” LA county health announced.