Girls tennis team wins CIF


The tennis team is seen huddling up before the big match.


Benji Maman staff writer

Karely Molina Martinez staff writer

The varsity girls tennis team won the CIF championship against Flintridge Prep on Friday, May 21st.

The Normans won 6 consecutive games in total to win the championship.

“Winning the last game was a complete relief and one of the greatest feelings ever! My doubles match was the last one — everyone else had already finished playing so all our teammates, all the spectators, all our opponents, and all the officials were all watching our match,” junior Maya Goldkorn said.

It wasn’t just Goldkorn that was extremely relieved following the win, but the rest of the team too. She never doubted any of her teammates either.

“This year, the team was amazing. The best part, besides the winning, was seeing all of the improvements being made from each player. As we improved individually, the team advanced,” junior B’Anwi Fomukong said.

Fomukong was proud of her team because of the advancements they had each made. Goldkorn was also very excited because of her experience with winning.

“Right after we won our last point, our entire team ran onto the court shouting and jumping and hugging me and my doubles partner; I didn’t realize why everyone was going nuts until somebody told me that we had just won CIF,” said Goldkorn. “Everyone was ecstatic and going absolutely crazy with excitement; I was literally glowing with pride for our team and what we had accomplished. It felt like something out of a movie.”