Students receive vaccinations, look forward to full return to school


Senior Sam Wolf receives his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.


Candice Anvari staff writer

Abby Wolf staff writer

Students 16-years and older have been eligible to get vaccinated as of April 15. As more students received the vaccine, they began to feel a sense of normalcy.  

Junior Samantha Maybaum received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, so she is excited that she’s done her part to bringing an end to the pandemic.  

“I’m super stoked at the thought of more people getting vaccinated because that just means that we’re getting closer to the end of this pandemic,” Maybaum said. “I’m hopeful that more people will choose to get the vaccine so the pandemic will end more quickly and we can all return to normal life.” 

Similar to Maybaum, junior Juliana Finazzo believes that the vaccine can help both herself and others from contracting the virus or feeling its severe symptoms

“I got the vaccine because it helps slow down the coronavirus. I understand that it is still possible to get the virus, but it would be more similar to getting a cold than getting the full effects,” Finazzo said. “I think it’s a really good precaution to take because the vaccine also protects the people around me.” 

Since vaccine eligibility extends to teenagers, Finazzo hopes all students will take advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated. 

“I think it would be nice if a lot of students chose to get the vaccine before next school year because it would make the learning environment better and safer for everyone,” Finazzo said. “If more people are vaccinated, the virus is less likely to spread throughout our school, so I think it’s an important aspect to fully returning to normal life. If people have the chance to get it, I definitely think they should.”

Although Finazzo received both doses of her vaccination, she does not want to return back to school because she does not want to change her daily routine.  

“Even though I’m fully vaccinated, I have not returned to school because, specifically for this year, I feel like going back to school is pointless because it’s the end of the year and I already have a good routine down,” Finazzo said. “So, I think returning to school would just disrupt my routine. But next school year, I am looking forward to returning because it’s more of a fresh start and I can develop a new routine that works for me.”

Contrarily, senior Sam Wolf believes that receiving his second dose will encourage him to return to school. Likewise, Maybaum didn’t return until she received her second dose because it made her feel “safer.” 

“Getting the vaccine is the only reason I am back in school because I feel a lot safer with it since I’m not as paranoid of bringing the virus back home, getting sick or making the pandemic worse,” Maybuam said. 

Although junior Kate Kotlyar is happy to be back in school, she’s hopeful that more people will continue getting vaccinated to slow the spread of the virus. 

“I think it’s just smart for everyone to get vaccinated because it’s not only good for yourself, to protect you against Covid, but it’s good for other people,” Kotlyar said.