Take it or Make it: How to make chocolate milkshakes



Emma Newman staff writer 

Candice Anvari staff writer

As summer approaches, people start to crave colder treats to satisfy their sugar cravings. One of the go-to frozen desserts is a chocolate milkshake. Making them with Betty Crocker’s recipe, however, will yield a mediocre dessert. 

Making the milkshake only required two steps: blending the milk and chocolate and then adding the ice cream to blend. This process should only take five minutes or less. After that, you can add some whipped cream and drink the shake. 

The final product, while sweet and tasty, is not frozen. Instead, it more closely resembles chocolate milk than a milkshake. Blending more ice cream or a few ice cubes may thicken the dessert a little bit, but it still will not have the thick, icy texture that a typical milkshake would have. 

To see how to make the milkshake, watch the video below.