Football team loses first league game against Inglewood Sentinels


Kicker freshman Jonathan Katiraie and junior Adam Maccio warm up before the match against the Inglewood Sentinels. This game marked the Normans first league game of the season. Photo by: Gina Toore


Ryo Miyake staff writer

The football team suffered their biggest loss of the season during a home game against the Inglewood Sentinels (5-0) on Oct. 3, losing 53-0.

The Normans were handed their fifth loss of the season by the Sentinels,  who are ranked 23rd in California, after a 28-12 win against the Firebaugh Falcons at an away non-league game. 

The Sentinels got to work early, scoring a touchdown immediately during the second play of the first quarter. They scored four more touchdowns before the first half ended, bringing the score to 33-0.

The Normans had a chance to score during the first and second quarters but failed to do so due to fumbles.

“We were 10-yards away from scoring twice,” offensive and defensive lineman junior Francis Molina said.

The Sentinels scored three more touchdowns during the second half, which propelled them to second place in the Ocean League. 

“They were just a really good team and they earned the win,” Molina said.

Injuries played a huge factor in Norman’s loss against the Sentinels, as many of the players were unable to play as they were hurt. 

“I got injured six different plays but had to stay in and fight it out as there were no substitutions to get on,” Molina said.

Similar to Molina, offensive lineman and defensive tackle Eddie Carmosino suffered an injury during the game.  

“Yesterday was a hard day because I broke two fingers. And while the scoreboard looked like that, I still am happy that we actually showed up and played our hardest against a good team,” Carmosino said. 

With the absence of starting quarterback Will Harris, halfback and linebacker captain Dan Menache filled in and played quarterback against the Sentinels.

“Dan played quarterback, which is a position that he’s never played but he really stepped up. We only had about half of the team and had to make many adjustments,” Molina said.

While this was the Norman’s biggest loss, the team played with heart and gave it their all, just like in any other game.

“We had to break a mental barrier, as this team was ranked 23rd in California. Out on the field, we were outsized. However, this didn’t change anything for us. We wanted to leave everything we had out on the field. The result was a loss but I believe that we did well during our hardest battle. We will come back stronger and make the playoffs,” offensive and defensive lineman Damjan Mitrovic said.

Captain Andrew Villaflor was also happy with the team’s spirit in face of going against one of the toughest teams in the Ocean League. 

“I’m just very proud of our team,” Villaflor said. “We went into the game doing our best, fighting tooth and nail to the last second.” 

The Normans will play against the Morningside Monarchs (1-5) at home on Oct. 8.