Editorial: Students must stop participating in harmful TikTok challenges



Written by the Beverly Media Group Editorial Board

In September, TikTok users vowed to participate in a year-long school challenge. The trend began with the “devious licks” challenge in September. Unfortunately, this month’s challenge is to slap a teacher or staff member. As an editorial board, we condemn our peers’ actions in regards to these challenges and ask students not to participate in these heinous activities. 

The trend consists of assault, vandalism, ditching school and public indecency. Over the course of September, students vandalized the hallways and bathrooms by urinating on the walls and floors, removing toilets and urinals, and breaking and stealing soap dispensers. 

We already saw how our bathrooms were destroyed by these actions. Not to mention there are no working male restrooms on the third floor. The vandalism cost our school district tens of thousands of dollars and forced our custodians to clean up the mess. The continuation of these events will further harm our school’s community and hurt students and teachers. This needs to stop. 

We know it’s easy to give into peer pressure or to embrace a challenge that appears fun at first. But participating in these deplorable actions can cause long-term damage to your peers, your school and yourselves. 

Conducting ourselves with integrity and proper etiquette is one of the many pillars of our education. Anything else will lead to the tarnished reputation of both students and our school. The perpetuation of social-media challenges that promote violence or public indecency by students will result in serious disciplinary action. 

 For this month’s challenge, we must address the fact that slapping a teacher is physical assault. Touching other students inappropriately or without their consent is sexual assault. As the editorial board, we are disgusted by this trend and the possibility of it preventing our fellow students and teachers from feeling safe. We are disturbed by the damage students have caused to school property with minimal consideration shown to custodians and staff; our peers were also affected negatively because they still can’t use damaged restrooms and sinks. 

Be responsible and view social media challenges with a grain of salt. Just because students in other schools are participating in this shameful challenge, does not mean individuals at our school should follow. Think before you act. Respect your peers, teachers and school staff. Don’t do something that could affect your learning environment and your future.