Editorial: ASB’s preparation for homecoming deserves applause, recognition


Photo by: Candice Anvari


Written by the Beverly Media Group Editorial Board

After more than a year online, the editorial board expected a loss in school spirit. However, we were blown away by the significant amount of school spirit our student body showed at the homecoming pep rally and the dance. As an editorial board, we want to thank ASB students and advisor Nickolas Henggeler for their hard work and dedication to making this dance and pep rally possible for students to enjoy. In previous years, our publication has documented our student body’s lack of school spirit. Now, we are happy to report that there was a remarkable amount of school spirit as a result of ASB’s efforts.   

At the pep rally, ASB did a fantastic job keeping students energized. The event was jam-packed with entertainment, such as Dance Company’s performance, the cheerleaders’ routine, “Squid Game’s” red-light-green-light and tug-of-war. Students also deserve an applause for cheering on the participants and engaging in the event. In previous years, there seemed to be a lack of interest in pep rallies. However, that was definitely not the case this year. 

The attendance at the Homecoming dance went above and beyond our expectations after the Welcome Back dance’s low participation. Over 600 students attended the homecoming dance. This level of participation is what school spirit looks like. The dance was both fun and exciting after a year at home because of the energy and joy the students brought to the dance floor. The decorations spruced up the tennis court and made it look similar to an outside venue. Although ASB advised students to eat before arriving at the dance, they still provided a sufficient amount of appetizers and goodies to keep up the spirit and energize students to keep dancing. 

We want to thank ASB for setting a positive tone for the rest of the year. We’re looking forward to future dances and events that encourage the student body to get more involved in school activities. Homecoming is supposed to give students happy memories to look back on, and ASB’s efforts this year honored that tradition.