Philosophy for All club celebrates World Philosophy Day for first time

Suhh Yeon Kim presents to the club.

Suhh Yeon Kim presents to the club.


Ava Spina staff writer

The Philosophy for All club celebrated World Philosophy Day on Nov. 21 with an informational workshop, which was open to all members and interested students. President junior Suhh Yeon Kim hosted the meeting. 

Kim created an informational presentation that introduced the basic principles of philosophy, from the three branches of government to the school of thought. Kim posed questions throughout the slideshow to keep students engaged with the lesson and planned a game of Kahoot! for review.

“[We] worked to find the best way to deliver a presentation for a quick overview of the vast subject,” Kim said. 

Kim also displayed book and play recommendations by philosophical writers, which included works from Plato and Jean-Paul Sartre. Kim briefly summarized each book and play and discussed the content with the participants.

Students interacted with the lesson and asked further questions, conversing about topics like positivism and metaphysics. 

“I was surprised and happy to see that everyone was so engaged with the lesson and interested during our workshop,” Kim said.“Our participants had a lot of questions. I enjoyed answering and considering different possibilities.”

While there was not much time left to play the game of Kahoot the club will be holding a follow-up meeting on Dec. 2.

“Despite philosophy being a niche subject area, we garnered plenty of interested students and had an overall fun time exploring a field in humanities that often is not taught in high school,” Kim said.

Students who are interested in joining the club can contact Kim at [email protected]