Seniors kick off the holiday season at Albion Street



Candice Anvari co-editor-in-chief

The senior class kicked off the holiday season with students at Albion Street Elementary school. They played with Albion students for hours and gave them presents. Band and cheer also performed for the students, and robotics students showcased their new robot.

Senior Aidan Dayani dresses as Santa Claus for the students. As Dayani spoke to students and read them books, the kindergarteners and first graders squealed in excitement.

“Santa’s helpers” pass out presents to the kindergarteners and the first graders. “My favorite part of Albion was getting to meet the kids and interact with them. It was really fun,” senior Hayley Geiger said.

After receiving his present from “Santa,” kindergartener Amir held hands with senior Regina Bugarin and senior Elle Frankston. Senior Hannah Khorrami also said she engaged in an “intense” game of hopscotch with the first graders. “I really loved connecting with all the kids and seeing them so happy. I’m so glad that we had the chance to give something to them for Christmas,” Bugarin said.

Similar to Bugarin, senior Joseph Finazzo’s (left) favorite part of the Albion Street event was spending time with the Albion students. “My favorite part of Albion was seeing how happy all the kids are when they got their gifts. They’re all very excited that we’re here, and it’s really nice to see” Finazzo said.

The Madrigals help spread holiday cheer by performing their carols for the Albion students every year. As the choir performed, the students clapped and danced along to classics like “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” and “Jingle Bells.” “My favorite part of Albion had to be playing for the kids. I love seeing them smile and I love playing my instrument. I love doing what makes me happy and seeing it make others happy,” band student senior Karma Kyulo said.

The cheer team performs “Dynamite” for the Albion students. As cheer performed, seniors Will Harris, Lillia Mai and Daniella Spero encouraged the students to dance along. “Albion has made me feel really grateful to be able to give back to communities and, I really like coming with my friends to give back,” senior Samantha Maybaum said. “My favorite part has been dancing with the kids to some of the drumline cadences; it’s been really fun. It was super cute.”

Robotics introduces their new robot to the Albion students. The students were given balls to throw at the robot, which threw the balls back at the students. “[Albion] has been really nice, being able to talk to the kids, getting to know them and doing different activities with them. I’ve watched them become involved in robotics, the marching band and cheer. It felt really nice being able to spend time with them,” senior Karely Molina Martinez said.