DECA competes at district conference, wins awards


DECA club members pose with their awards. Photo credit: BH DECA


Emma Newman co-editor-in-chief

Several DECA students competed and placed at the annual District Career Development Conference, which began on Jan. 7 and ended on Jan. 9. Senior Tina Moazemi placed first in her category, while seniors Hannah Khorrami, Eliana Kohanbash and Rachel Shabanian placed second in their respective categories. 

Moazemi, who is the vice president of media for the club, had “a lot of fun” attending the competition in-person after a long period of virtual DECA conferences. 

“I had a great time. It was really good to be back in person because last year was virtual, and so you got the whole DECA experience because you have to dress in business attire and behave formally around everyone,” Moazemi said. 

Khorrami, the club’s co-president, also found the competition to be “really fun,” specifically because of the connections she made. 

“We got to do a lot of bonding with each other and, overall, [we] did really well in the competition and met a lot of people from other schools,” Khorrami said. 

She was happy to have placed second for her test, second for her role plays and second overall in her category, food marketing. 

“Honestly, I hadn’t done as much preparation this year as I have in past years, so I was really glad that I still got second place, and there were some tough competitors in my category,” Khorrami said. 

Moazemi was proud to have placed first overall in her category, hospitality and tourism, especially because this is her final year of high school. 

“After the awards, they give you back the comments for the roleplay and they give you a grade out of 100.  I got [my score] back, and I had gotten such a high number, and I’ve never gotten such a high number before,” Moazemi said. “It felt good, and also, it’s my senior year. I felt like I worked [for it], so it was nice.”