Girls varsity soccer season ends after first CIF match


Photo by: Kate Kotlyar


Emma Newman co-editor-in-chief 

Kate Kotlyar staff writer

The girls varsity soccer team lost to the Ventura Cougars on Feb. 12 during their first CIF game, marking the end to their season. The final score for the game was 2-0, with the Cougars scoring a point per half. 

While sweating from the abnormally high February temperatures, the seniors cried throughout their last game. 

Junior Alexa Kreshek found the heat to be a challenge throughout the game, although she still is proud of the team’s performance. 

“Everyone worked really hard, especially [since] it was really hot. It was really hard to get full energy, especially for long amounts of time. But, near the end, we really pushed it as hard as we can and we kept the score as low as we can, which I think [is] even better than having a blowout,” Kreshek said. 

Sophomore Gabriella Mussry also believed that the team did “amazing” despite their loss. 

“We put in all the work this year. I’m so proud of this team. You lose and win. That’s just the way life goes, and I’m super proud of this team,” she said. “Watching everyone do their best and giving it all on the field is absolutely incredible. The sweat, the tears–it’s all just amazing.” 

Senior Talia Sarraff particularly enjoyed seeing the support that the players showed each other throughout the game, which she personally felt. 

“I love when my teammates cheer each other on and support one another. My personal favorite highlight is when my teammate, Celine Shadgoo, subbed in to left center back, right next to me, and we got to play next to each other like when we were younger,” Sarraff said via text. 

“Playing side to side with your best friend is a feeling unlike any other. Having them pat you on the back when you go in for a tackle or make a good pass is the best feeling.” 

While Sarraff was happy during some parts of the game, she also was sad because the game signified her last as a Norman. 

“I am very sad that our season ended and that that was my last game with BHHS girls varsity soccer, but I cherished every minute on that field and will forever keep those memories close to me,” Sarraff said. 

Kreshek believes that the game’s outcome has the potential to influence her future soccer-playing. 

“I change every year. I get better, so all I can do is learn from my mistakes in the game, maybe learn how to shift and…communicate better, but also be more prepared [and] also place my players in the right position because they need to be in the right position to defend well,” she said. 

Sarraff, on the other hand, believes that the game’s biggest lesson was its showcase of resilience. 

“I believe the most important takeaway from this game was that we never gave up,” Sarraff said. “Even when we knew the other team would win, we still gave it our all and played as hard as we did coming onto the field. I would say that the girls on this team are one of the most mentally tough teammates I have ever played with.”