Will Judd releases new single ‘Thinking’


Image courtesy of Alex Breitman


Defne Onal managing editor 

Senior Will Judd released his debut single “Thinking” on Soundcloud. The single is an electronic rendition of Louis Cole’s song “Thinking” which was mixed with the help of audio production teacher Alex Breitman

The song is different from Judd’s usual jazz, electro-acoustic style. With “Thinking”, Judd recreates an upbeat grooving electronic single with a 4-on-the-floor drum pattern. 

“That kind of music is something that I never touched or even really listened to,” Judd said. “Part of growing as a person and as a musician is just doing things you’ve never done before.”

Judd’s single was actually a final project he started for his audio production class during the pandemic in 2021.

“It was a cover song project. Each student had to make a cover of a song that they liked in their own style and fashion. Will’s song was such a great song that that’s how it birthed,” Breitman said. 

Besides Cole, Judd was also influenced by early French electronic pioneers such as St. Germain who has a more dynamic and impactful sound. 

“The most honest reason for why I switched up my style for this single was that it was what I felt like at the time. That was what was easiest. The assignment didn’t necessarily call for that style. It was obviously an intentionally loose assignment. I just wanted to try something upbeat. It’s just a necessary change of tone,” Judd said. 

According to senior Miles Platt, Judd’s cover shows Judd’s originality and respect for Cole. 

“I think it’s a lot of fun. Will puts a lot of work into making his cover, which I think pays a great deal of respect to the original song, but, at the same time, shows Will’s true abilities to expand into other genres and craft ideas of his own. He’s really an incredible musician capable of so much,” Platt said. 

Breitman himself advertised Judd’s single by writing a press release and by making an album cover. 

“We send it off to a mastering engineer and, eventually, the process will help students beyond just a microcosm where they can have a completed song. It can be released and we’ll help do all the right promotions and make a press release. This is really in its infancy. I think next year is going to be a real breakout year for us,” Breitman said. 

According to Judd, it’s most important to him to have an emotional attachment to a song he’s making. 

“It was fun, more than anything,” Judd said. “It wasn’t musically complicated at all. It was just a fun time of listening back and grooving a little bit at times.”