Korean Language and Culture club raises money for Korean, Ukrainian refugees


Photo Credit: Emma Newman


Emma Newman co-editor-in-chief

The Korean Language and Culture Club threw a fundraiser that raised $600 to help Ukrainian and North Korean refugees by selling food outside the Swim Gym on March 29. The fundraiser was held from 3:30 to 5:00. 

The event was in collaboration with Liberty in North Korea (LINK), which works to help North Koreans escape the nation. LINK’s Beverly Hills chapter throws a fundraiser every year, which inspired the club to throw their own fundraiser featuring traditional Korean and Asian snacks. 

Club president junior Suhh Yeon Kim collaborated with other club members to include Ukraine in the fundraiser because of Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine. Club member junior Katherine Lee also pushed for the club to assist Ukrainian refugees. 

“This wasn’t on our plan before the whole war happened, but I thought it would be meaningful to do another good thing for the world,” Lee said. 

To plan for the fundraiser, the club brainstormed Korean and Asian snacks to include and created posters to place on tables. Teachers around campus and administration also put up announcements about the fundraiser. 

According to Kim, the club’s event was supported by students, teachers and coaches who “came out to support” the cause. She thinks that it “went very well.” 

Kim believes that the fundraiser was significant because of its cultural meaning. 

“It’s basically everyone from different cultures banding around to help people who are in need from other cultures, refugees, and people who are going through a war,” Kim said. 

Kim enjoyed throwing the fundraiser and hopes those in attendance did as well, especially because of the meaning behind the event. 

“It was an amazing experience,” Kim said. “The money will go to a great cause, and I’m so thankful that so many BHHS students came together to support those in need of help during this time. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the experience of tasting both traditional and mainstream Korean snacks as well.”