Robotics wins imagery award at LA regional


Will Ferenc, Andrew Galen and Gregory Forston fixing a wiring issue.


Defne Onal managing editor 

On April 3, 2022, robotics won the imagery award at the Los Angeles regional in El Segundo. 

Robotics won eight out of 13 matches. However, 11 of them were qualifiers and the other two were quarterfinals. 

“The imagery award is an award for having a nice looking robot and a nice looking pit. It’s all about robot aesthetics. I’m pretty sure we won the award because our pit was all decked out in our logo. Our robot was black and coordinated with our school colors,” sophomore Kaylen Wi said. 

The two matches that robotics ended up losing were qualifiers. 

“Qualifiers are basically matches where you randomly play with other teams. You don’t choose the teams you’re playing with. If you win them, you get points. If you lose them, you get a flush of points depending on how many points you score,” Wi said. 

Robotics had some obstacles while competing with the other teams. 

“We had to take off two of our swerve modules (wheels) because we needed to put on new wheels since they were wearing down. It was just a lot of work getting them back on. We also had a wiring tissue that took us a while to troubleshoot,” Wi said. 

This is the second regional that robotics attended this year. 

“I’m very proud of the team because it was a stressful competition since it was our second one,” Wi said. “The LA regional is a lot larger than the last regional we went to. We were still able to be very successful with all the obstacles we had along the way.”