‘The Ultimatum’: twisted, captivating or both? 


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Candice Anvari co-editor-in-chief

Netflix’s new series “The Ultimatum” is one of the most twisted but mesmerizing reality television shows on the streaming platform. The creators of the show also produced “Love is Blind,” but the new show’s concept is much more original and unheard-of than its predecessor “Love is Blind.” 

“The Ultimatum” follows six couples who want to put their love to the test. One person in the couple has issued the other a marriage ultimatum, meaning that by the end of the show, they either have to get married or break up. However, the twisted aspect of the show is that the couples have to live with someone else for three weeks and then live with their partner for another three weeks to see if the heart grows fonder during their time apart or if their heart grows absent. 

Throughout the first episode, the concept of the show did not seem too discomforting, as the couples just seemed to be working on their relationships. However, once the couples were given the green light to date other people on the show, the drama was impossible to stop watching. So, even though the first two episodes were slightly boring and repetitive, the next eight episodes definitely made up for it. 

Once the couples started living with their new partners, the dynamics between the new partners was interesting, but sad to watch. However, the real kicker of the show was that the couples had to live in the same apartment complex as their original partner. The drama that ensued between the men and women during their nights out was a train wreck that was surprisingly captivating, as the drama seemed very authentic and unstaged. 

At the end of the show, the partners had to decide if they wanted to leave with their original partner or their new partner. This aspect of the episode was both heartbreaking and shocking, as the show took a complete turn during the last episode. Although the concept is very perplexing, “The Ultimatum” is definitely a must-see show. 

Highlights rates “The Ultimatum” a 4.5/5.