ASB organizes Met Gala-themed prom 



Emma Newman co-editor-in-chief 

Candice Anvari co-editor-in-chief 

ASB will be hosting the prom, which is themed “Met Gala,” on May 14 at Eden Sunset from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

The prom will feature dancing, a buffet, a red carpet, a DJ and the prom court. 

This year, there was no pre-set venue, so ASB seniors and advisor Nickolas Henggeler chose their venue based on their vision for the prom. They eventually decided on Eden Sunset because it felt like a “true event space,” Henggeler said. 

“We wanted a mix of indoor and outdoor space. They [the students] wanted something this year that was a little bit more… [of] a venue that really would lend itself to making this a fun end-of-the-year party,” Henggeler said. “You’re just excited by the space. It definitely has the ‘Wow’ factor when you walk in.” 

The venue will have a disco ball, flowers, and “things” hanging from the ceiling, according to Henggeler. The event will also feature a 360 camera to photograph the event, an aerialist dangling from the ceiling and VIP booths, all of which are related to the “Met Gala Theme.” 

Henggeler said that ASB was able to quickly choose its Met Gala Theme because of the time the event happens and its popularity. 

“As soon as that idea came out everyone got really excited, [like], ‘Yeah, let’s do Met Gala,’” Henggeler said. “It also happens to be that the Met Gala is the first Monday in May, so it links up with around the time period that we were having it.  People love the Met Gala–all of the designer clothes and how everyone’s so dressed up and it’s this huge party. As soon as that idea was floated out there, everybody quickly jumped on that one as the winner.” 

ASB student body president senior Aidan Dayani said that this year’s prom will have “a lot of stuff that is unexpected,” especially because of the rush to do last year’s prom. 

“We also started thinking really outside the box because last year’s prom was put together in a matter of weeks, so this year, we really wanted to put all our efforts into it and think outside of the box,” Dayani said. 

Like Dayani, senior class representative Adriana Shnayderman said that this year’s prom will be a “different kind of prom” than previous years. 

“Students can definitely expect it to be a really unique prom, something you’ve never really seen before,” Shnayderman said. “We have a lot of exciting surprises.”

Dayani is “looking forward” to seeing both students and staff in a more formal setting. 

“My favorite aspect of this year’s prom is just getting to see everyone dress up in fancy, formal attire. I personally think that it’s really cool to see everyone in a different setting outside of school,” Dayani said. “I’m also really excited for ASB’s involvement and how I was at the forefront [of] getting to plan the [prom] and just getting to see it all come together.” 

Since prom is the last dance seniors will have in high school, Dayani is “happy” to have planned this event for his peers and is also “excited” to see how they react to the event. 

“Students should be excited for prom because it’s the one night of the year where we put everything aside and it’s all dedicated to the seniors and dedicated to us having fun,” Dayani said. “We also get to be with staff that normally aren’t in that fun setting. We just get one night where we can all escape what’s going on in our lives and for three hours we can spend time together, celebrating our accomplishments over the past years.” 

Similar to Dayani, Henggeler believes prom is an “American benchmark” that students should experience. 

“It is a staple in the American high school experience. There’ve been so many movies made about prom, so many songs and things that center around prom. I think that it is an experience that you only get once and I just think that it’s something that you can’t replicate; you’ll never get to do it again in the same way,” Henggeler said. “You’re creating a memory that is going to last, and you’re always going to remember your senior prom. You’re always going to have stories from it, good or bad.”