WOW week brings spirit to Beverly


Juniors Jesse Jenco and Madison Mayo and senior Cintya Molina show up to Game Day in their Beverly football and cheer uniforms. Photo by: Shayda Dadvand

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Chief

Through the school week of Aug. 22-26, ASB worked to fill the school with spirit. Students dressed up in themed outfits, wrote letters to their favorite teachers, and ate ice cream for lunch. 

Junior Michaela Hassid writes a thank-you letter to her teacher. “I wanted my letter to communicate the appreciation I have for my teachers and what they do every day,” Hassid said.
Photo by: Shayda Dadvand

The theme lineup was as follows:

Monday- Little Ms./Mr. Day

Tuesday- Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Wednesday- Teacher Appreciation Day

Thursday- Beverly Pride

Friday- Game Day 


Of all the days, students most loved Ice Cream Sandwich Day. ASB vice president, Leila Abrishami, agrees.


“I saw a lot of people bring their own cookies and bring their friends down to the second floor patio to enjoy the event as well,” Abrishami said. 

ASB scoops ice cream for students during lunch on Ice Cream Sandwich Day.
Photo by: Shayda Dadvand

WOW week does the job of filling the school with spirit.


“Our school doesn’t have that much spirit, honestly. So it was nice to see people dressing up for [spirit week],” sophomore Naomi Strauss said.


Sophomores Naomi Strauss and Tali Goldkorn pose in their Little Ms. T-shirts. “It was fun seeing what everyone else was wearing,” Strauss said. 
Photo by: Leila Abrishami

While ASB sets up spirit week, participation comes mainly from the student body. However, student participation is limited.


“I honestly do not know anyone outside of ASB that participated a lot,” Abrishami said.


Spirit weeks have the potential to provide a positive atmosphere for the school. 


“I feel like [spirit weeks are] a good way to bring the community together, so it’s kind of sad that a lot of people don’t participate, and I hope that we do,” Strauss said.


The student body has the power to emphasize spirit week and make it lively. However, currently, students mainly participate in themes that bring them some sort of food. 


“I think we have to mainly focus on actually getting people to participate, rather than what the events are,” Strauss said. “Once we have people participating, it shouldn’t really matter, it should be for fun rather than any other goal or substances.”


The next spirit week is Sept. 19-23, leading up to Homecoming.